1096 Days – Three Years in Taiwan

I want to share some of the things that your prayers and financial support have been a part of making happen over the past few weeks.

First, one that is related to our children moving overseas. CLICK HERE to watch our son Andrew tell his story about moving to Taiwan. We have asked you on many occasions to remember our family and especially our children as they essentially get dragged along with us on this journey. This past week, they all have had an opportunity to share their stories with different groups of people and it has been so encouraging to hear them tell how God has used the challenges to grow and prepare them.

Second, you have been praying fervently for the people we write about to know Jesus as their savior. Well, you can rejoice today that you have a new brother in Christ! Blaze put his faith and trust in Jesus Christ this past week during our Sunday outreach Bible study. This decision has been a long time coming.

The collage below highlights the past year of knowing Blaze. The pictures start in the bottom right corner and work their way from right to left until you reach the top right. Blaze first came to English camp at the sports university last summer, then entered his military service shortly after the group left. He was stationed near Taichung, so we were able to keep in touch and he joined both of the Sunday outreach Bible studies at Taichung Baptist. There were lots of weekend dinners and movies and he came to church as often as he could. Many people have been involved in sharing the Gospel with him over the past year and walking with him through his journey to know Christ. He’s been prayed for and loved by Christian brothers and sisters on both sides of the world and this past week, it all came together when the Holy Spirit called him to believe.

Third, our Sunday English Ministry at Taichung Baptist has been growing each week with more and more new friends joining us. We have achieved our goal of reaching both expats and the english speaking community as well as providing a place for Taiwanese people seeking to know more about the Bible and Jesus Christ to come and get introduced to Him. It is the most friendly and diverse community in Taichung.

Thank you for being a vital part of our ministry team. Praying, working, giving is the other side of going. We are very grateful. 

It was three years ago this week that we boarded the plane to leave for Taiwan. We had little idea of what things would look like today. Would we survive? Would our children hate us forever? Would we be able to learn the language? Would our friends remember us? 

Thank you for being a part of the great story God is writing here. Because of your prayers, your financial support and your encouragement – we have not only survived, but daily experience God’s grace and provision. Our children don’t hate us and usually really like it here, we have learned the language and it does seem that you remember us – especially in prayer!

Todd & Crista
Katelyn, Ashlyn & Andrew

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