From the Field – Brian Lee’s Story

11393081_10204798818114991_8326276002737730051_nI am so thankful to God for His sovereignty, for His promises, for His goodness. He is good and all he does is good, and for that I am so thankful. Thanks be to God for wielding us as His tools, as His hands and feet to accomplish His work. Though we may have been in Taiwan for a short period of time, I would like to think we began to see His plans come to fruition for Todd and the city of Taichung.

Though our trip to Taiwan was just one short week, it may have been one of the most personal trips I have been on. By personal I mean that we got to live life with Taiwanese university students. One of the greatest things I learned is that the University students that we were sharing lives with were one of the kindest and caring people that I have ever met! There was a genuine interest in the students to invest time in us and precisely because of their interests God allowed for great conversations and for the Gospel to be shared in some instances.

Our opportunities to share the Gospel with these students did a few interesting things:

  • It gave the students the chance to hear the Gospel in full. I do hope that those that heard the Gospel in full would come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord savior one day.

  • Even if the students didn’t receive the Gospel well, sharing our faith and having opportunities to live out the Gospel with them during the week made way to clarify some misconceptions of what a true Christian is.

  • Students that were genuinely interested or needed some more follow ups to ask questions were immediately connected with Todd. I can think of two specific students that have had a rough past and are really seeking for something. For them we pray and ask God to work in their hearts, minds, and souls.

One of the most amazing things God is doing in Taiwan is continuously opening doors for more and more opportunities to make His name known. It was such a blessing and a trust booster to see the connections not only with the students we were making, but also the connections God is providing for Todd. What a joy it was to be included in God’s perfect plan and command of the great commission and to see first hand the work being entrusted to faithful servants of Christ.

There is no doubt that Taiwan is a spiritually dark place. Whether it be the idols set up every other block in temples or the idols of worldly success and riches or the familial idols, it is evident just as it is in America and all over the world that people need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. When focusing on such a daunting task and considering the massive amounts of people that do not know Jesus Christ and have not trusted Jesus Christ, it is easy to get discouraged. That is why I am thankful that God is in control. What a humbling fact. What an awesome truth. I pray and I hope that God would continue to strengthen my heart to trust in Him more and to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness. God is good, all the time.

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