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2016 - 2018

Hey! My name is Brian Lee and I am currently serving as a Missionary Intern in Taichung, Taiwan. I became a Christian in the year 2013 and since then God has been working in me a desire to carry out his will and purpose for my life which I believe is to love him and love people (Matthew 22:37-39). I’m a firm believer that we can live out this great commandment in any job, location, and circumstance we are divinely placed in and that one important way we can love God and love people is by telling people about the one true God, Jesus Christ.

In 2015, I had the opportunity to go to Taiwan on a short term mission trip to help support Todd Blackhurst. Through this brief trip my eyes were opened to the reality that there were people – and there still are – that have never heard of Jesus Christ and his story in the good news of the gospel. God used this trip to place in me a desire to serve in an unreached nation. During and after this trip the ideas of serving overseas began to fill my mind and the questions of “where” and “how” would come up here and there, however, it never amounted to much more than me asking other missionaries how they got to where they were. Just two months after I returned home from Taiwan, God presented an opportunity for me to return to Taiwan and so it was easy for me to make the decision to go.

After nearly eights months of preparation I am finally here! And now I get to work along side Todd Blackhurst to live out the Great Commission here in Taichung!

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