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Howdy there! My name is Jordan Hodge and I’m the newest (sorta) intern with Mission Taiwan here in Taichung, Taiwan. I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems from West Texas A&M. Growing up I went to church every Sunday like most people in the Bible Belt but it wasn’t until my dad took me into his room one night and explained the Gospel of Jesus Christ to me that I received Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord.

From that point on, God gave me a desire to Him and His Word, and to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Throughout junior high school and high school, I participated various youth group activities like the Spring Break mission trip, Vacation Bible School, and any other ministries at my church. During college I continued to serve through the Baptist Student Ministry at Amarillo College and West Texas A&M. 

In 2009, I first traveled to Taichung, Taiwan as part of short-term mission trip led by Todd Blackhurst. For the first time in my life, I experienced a world outside of the Bible Belt. A world that was completely unknown to me. Through this trip, God had given me a love for international mission trips and for the Taiwanese people.

Then throughout the next 10 years or so, my love for the Taiwanese people grew as I returned to Taiwan year after year. Now in 2018, I have the opportunity to serve alongside Todd and the other interns in Taichung to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  


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