Since moving to Taiwan in  2013, the Blackhursts have served alongside Taichung Baptist Church as missionary/evangelists working in campus ministry. They are reaching young adults, students, faculty and staff in Taichung with the Gospel. Then in 2016, in partnership with TBC, they started Taichung International Fellowship with 20 people. TIF has grown to one of the largest international congregations on the island with over 20 different cultures represented each Sunday. Now they are beginning a church planting ministry to plant new local churches around Taichung starting with Hope Fellowship, a new Taiwanese church located in the Beitun District.

Church Planting

In partnership with Taichung International Fellowship they have a goal to start five new Taiwanese churches over the next five years. They hired their first Taiwanese church planter and began Hope Fellowship in June of 2020. They will continue to add new church planters and locations as funds become available and God provides church planters to lead.

Personal Evangelism

They actively share the Gospel in the strategic places which God has given them access including University Campuses, Government Offices and International Communities. Through their involvement in the city and community over the years, God has given them favor that has resulted in access to people and places for God’s purpose.

University Outreach

During the school year they hold Campus Bible Studies and Community Service events which allow people who are far from God to come near to hear the Gospel and experience Jesus’ love often resulting in a journey to knowing Christ. As part of this ministry, they invite Mission Teams to join come and join in classes and regular outreach events as well as planning special events that provide the opportunity for many new people to hear the Gospel.

Mission Internships

A way for young people who are considering a career or life in missions to experience full-time ministry by working alongside of them as well as other full-time missionaries while learning skills and gaining practical experience.

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