Two Years Ago Today


 Two years ago today we arrived in Taiwan. Our overnight flight landed and our new life began. Crista had been here on a mission trip and then for a week while we looked for an apartment and bought some mattresses and a refrigerator. Our two youngest kids had never set foot outside the United States. Katelyn had also been here on a mission trip. For all five of us – it was, a step of faith.

We had sold all of our possessions. House, cars, beds – it was all gone except for the clothes we brought with us and some things we were keeping in storage.

What we did know for sure was that God had called us, prepared us and would walk with us through whatever was before us. So today, two years later, here are some of my thoughts.

Two years ago today, we thought we might miss our things more, but we don’t.

Two years ago today, we said goodbye to our friends and family, it turns out, their presence in our lives was a greater loss than any possession.

Two years ago today, we put our trust in God to take care of us financially, physically and emotionally. He has, used people, circumstances and resources that we weren’t even aware of at the time to provide and care for us in the most unexpected and providential ways.

Two years ago today, I didn’t speak even one word of Chinese and didn’t really know if I could learn it at 45 years old. Today, by God’s grace, I can fairly easily communicate in this very difficult language.

Two years ago today, I didn’t really understand what the impact would be on my family. Today, I still don’t know how it will affect my children in the long run. I believe it will be for good.

Two years ago today, my wife and I were close. Today, we are unbreakable.

Two years ago today, I thought I knew my kids. Today, we are inseparable.

Two years ago today, I had no idea the trials and tests we would experience. It’s a good thing. We might not have boarded the plane.

Today, I know we are in the place we are supposed to be doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing.

Thank you so much for those that have walked with, prayed for, supported and cared from two years ago today.

Now, tomorrow awaits!

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