What’s Missing From This Picture?

This past Saturday morning, I woke up to find this picture in my Facebook news feed. Pictured are several members from Taichung Baptist Church along with Sophie smack dab in the middle of the back row! I was so excited to see this picture and to be able to share it with you because of this reason – there aren’t any missionaries in the photo!

We have been working over the past year with our church to make a path for our friends to connect with and develop relationships with Taiwanese Christian brothers and sisters who can help disciple and plant them firmly in their faith.

This group was birthed out of the Pastor’s small group that I participated in over the past year – the focus being on reaching lost people with the Gospel and bringing them into our lives so they get discipled and connected with the family of believers.

Sophie is still a part of our lives and we will continue to love and walk with her, but she now has a group of Taiwanese believers to walk with her on her faith journey. We are working now to connect more and more of our young people with these groups so they have the same opportunity as Sophie.

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