WhatsApp Prayer List

WhatsApp is an app you can download to your smart device. Yes, I know it’s one more messaging app to worry with, so I apologize in advance for those of you who aren’t really into this sort of stuff.

For those who don’t mind, I send out frequent and regular prayer requests using this app. The benefit of WhatsApp is that it is secure, and I can send to a large group at the same time in one direction. So you get the message from me as an individual and if you reply, it only comes back to me, not to everyone else on the list.

In order to make sure you join my list, you need to download the app, and sign up for a WhatsApp account, then add me as a contact. That means sending a message  – send a message to this phone number +886 979 045 654

I’ll reply and let you know I received your message and add you to the list. Don’t be offended if I ask who you are, I may not have your contact info in my phone!


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