Go and make disciples.

Working to share the Gospel, disciple those who respond, and plant new churches. Will you join us?

The Mission

“How can they believe if they have never heard?”

Of the 23 million people living in Taiwan, less than 5% identify as born again Christians and of those, 30% are first generation Christians.

In Taichung, there are 2.8 million people and only 252 evangelical churches while there are tens of thousands of Buddhist, Taoist and other types of temples. On any given Sunday in this city of 2.8 million there are less than 20,000 people in church.

Our mission is to spread the Gospel through personal relationships, planting new churches and through love and service.

Church Planting

In partnership with Taichung International Fellowship, we have a goal to start five new Taiwanese churches over the next five years.

Personal Evangelism

We actively share the Gospel everywhere God allows us access. University Campuses, International Communities, etc.


We hold Campus Bible Studies and Community Service events which allow people who are far from God to come near to hear the Gospel


We offer the chance for young people looking for mission experience to come and have a long or short term program of real world missions.

Who We Are

A family on a mission to share Christ’s love

Mission Taiwan is an Amarillo, Texas Based 501c3 started by Trinity Baptist Church in Amarillo to support the church’s ongoing mission work in Taiwan. The Blackhursts are church appointed missionaries sent by TBC and supported by a network of other churches and other individuals who pray for, send teams and financially support their mission work.

Get Involved

Be a part of sharing the Gospel in Taiwan


Join our team of partners who pray specifically for the people God brings into contact with the Gospel.


God uses all of us to accomplish His missionary work. Individuals, churches and organizations can all be part of the work of the Gospel.


Come and serve in Taichung! Short Term Mission Teams create tremendous impact.

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